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Standard Plans

The Te Ngaere

Small and simple, yet highly appealing! This modern two bedroom home makes great use of space, architectural styling and usability. Inside, both bedrooms are located in the back for privacy and first-morning sun. The open plan living has an option of a pitched ceiling. The kitchen is also perfectly located and positioned by a window for an optional outdoor bar! This home is truly customisable to you and your budget!

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The Otehei

This modern two bedroom home has a strong central entrance, bordered in brick with good overhead cover. The living inside is open-plan with an offset kitchen and dining. The position of the kitchen window and outdoor living opens an optional extra, an outdoor bar! This design also works great as a duplex! If you’re after a low maintenance brick home with true architectural style, this is it!

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The Takou

This home has real street appeal, from its straight lines, the contrasting claddings and an entry that welcomes you in! inside, the main living is open plan with an optional sloping ceiling and fireplace. The bedrooms are in their own wing furthest from the living, perfect for minimal noise when needed. The bedroom wing also acts as a form of shelter for the outdoor living. If you’re looking to go small, but want it all, you’ve just found it here!

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The Matai

This home captures traditional and modern styling through its use of gables, dark colours and simple architectural features. This design includes an optional study, a laundry offset from the garage and minimal hallway! Further features of this small home include; double wardrobes, extra storage, optional pitched ceilings through the living and an optional covered outdoor living. This home should have your list covered!

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The Matauri

Over the beach, across your lawn or out to your trees, this home will absorb all those views from the kitchen, dining and lounge! The layout inside is simple and effective. The entry is private, the bedrooms are positioned for early sun, the living has an inset area for entertainment or a bookshelf, It’s all just waiting for you to build!

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Bathed in sunlight through floor to ceiling generous windows, this elegant design combines space, line and light to create a place where art meets functionality.  With its spacious living room, dining room, kitchen, one master and two bedrooms, media room and study nook, it has everything one can wish for. Entertaining in the living area, looking for some alone time in the study nook, or catching the sun on the spacious decking  one feels spoiled for choice that this modern house has to offer.

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Simplicity, wrapped up in functionality, this modern style house features open living area that incorporates living room, kitchen and dining room without any doors or walls, making each space appear and feel large.

One master and three bedrooms, garage and wooden decking show that this a great home for a small family.

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This is truly one of the prestigious pebbles of modern design, boasting of a spacious open living area, one master, two bedrooms, a double garage a paved patio with a pool and barbecue.  The texture of the façade and the texture of the land reinforce and enhance each other, showing the perfect balance between the two. It is a great living space letting in as much sunlight as possible through many floor to ceiling windows. It is rightfully an absolute modern masterpiece.

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The wooden façade and a spacious wooden decking show that this is a well-thought design created to reflect the natural surroundings of the house. As a part of the modern design, it offers an open kitchen, dining, living room area, not divided by any doors, walls or fixtures thus creating the sense of spaciousness. With ceiling to floor picture windows and glass doors, the place is bathed in sun all through the day. Enjoy a glass of wine, while sitting on the deck admiring the views.

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This magnificent modern design features a spacious dining, kitchen, living area leading to a fantastic private pool area, perfect for those warm summer months.

Stone and timber give this home a stunning look not to mention the perfect balance of floor to ceiling windows, providing plenty of sunlight and warmth. One master and two bedrooms provide more than enough space for all as well as an extra store or study room,  this house really does have it all.

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With the strong contrast between the two colors of the façade, this modern design encompasses everything that a home should have and much more. A lounge area with a fireplace surrounded by two paved patios gives the sense of spaciousness, smoothly bringing the outdoors inside, connecting it to the dining room and kitchen unobtrusively. One master, three bedrooms and a garage show that this is the house, which will always have a sense of quality and a place in the future.

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This design uses straight lines to capture simplicity and functionality of a living space. It features an open kitchen, dining, lounge area framed with the sliding doors that provide gorgeous views on the decking and plenty of sunlight. Standing in the open area, looking through the sliding doors, a distinction between the indoors and outdoors blurs and the sense of connectedness with the surroundings becomes one. A carefully placed carport, one master and two bedrooms provide the sense of functionality, whereas the outer appearance of the house gives it that contemporary vibe and alfresco flow.

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This thoughtfully orchestrated modern design seamlessly connects the outside with the inside, inviting its surroundings to step inside the house through its generous glass doors.  Relaxing in an open kitchen, dining, lounge area, or chilling out in the patio, soaking up the sin, makes this house a home. With three guests and one master bedroom, it offers plenty of space for everyone.

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With a perfect doze of surroundings presented in the house from the large floor to ceiling windows framing and reflecting the landscape, this home reinforces its surroundings, giving off the feeling that it is a natural progression of the landscape.

The Marco celebrates an open living area with kitchen, dining room, living room and study nook all blended into one without any walls or fixtures. Featuring a carport, large wooden deck, one master and two bedrooms, it shows that it is not only a work of art but a functional piece as well.

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This quiet modern design represents simplicity in its best form, with the low-slung roof covering plenty of outdoor area for the rainy days as well as an open paved patio ideal for basking in the sun. It celebrates an open space area with the kitchen, dining room, living room and lounge all connected in one without any walls. Large glass doors let the light in as well as provide the magnificent views of the surroundings; whereas one master and two guest bedrooms provide enough space for a medium-sized family to enjoy the beauty of it all.

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